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The VISION of Alaska Health Services is that through the provision of infrastructure and practice administrative support to medical practices in Anchorage, there will be an eventual unification of medical practices into an effective multidisciplinary integrated medical network delivering medical care of the highest quality as a team to the people of Alaska; that collaboration of members and partners of AHS will result in an integrated system for the delivery of high quality care that is effectively financed and community oriented. 

Alaska Health Services, LLC is a physician led, professionally managed, network of independent surgeons with a desire to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and effectively financed healthcare to the people of Alaska and to provide additional administrative and revenue cycle management services to its practice participants and to the medical community as requested.

Our MISSION as a Clinically Integrated Network 

is to facilitate the delivery of 

HIGH quality, HIGH value healthcare

for Alaskans in Alaska.

In order to achieve the delivery of high quality, cost-effective, and effectively financed healthcare, it is necessary for the organization, as well as local physicians, to come together and form a high degree of interdependence and collaboration among themselves through a Clinically Integrated Network.  This network will establish efficiencies to allow for higher quality, higher value care delivery and satisfy the FTC standards for clinical integration a clinically integrated network that will bring higher quality and more unified care into fruition for our community.

It is important to note that AHS will operate as a non-exclusive network. If one of its members intends to be a provider for another network or enter into a contract with a third-party member independently of AHS, he or she is free to do so without interference from AHS.



  • AHS Administrative Services 

Medical practice administration to include revenue cycle management, space development, and accounting services.

  • AHS Contracting Services 

Negotiation and execution of service contracts.

  • AHS Network Services

Negotiation and management of payor contracts as an integrated clinical network.

  • AHS Strategic and Community Services

Strategic planning services to improve partnerships with other physicians, payers, and healthcare facilities. This division will also coordinate healthcare education activities for the company, such as medical student rotations. 

  • AHS Human Resource Services

Staff development, management of HR benefits and physician recruiting.

By concentrating on four pillars of, qualityexperiencecost-effectiveness, and community, Alaska Health Services will fulfill its mission to deliver high quality, high value and cost effective healthcare to the people of Alaska.

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